Why Us

By Shooters, For Shooters


At On Target, we are shooters, too. We know the difference between a good round and a great round of ammunition. We load our ammo as if the World Championship depends on it. Sometimes, it does!

Bill Haley, Owner of On Target Ammunition, has broken world records using ammunition that he loaded. At On Target, we combine that experience with the best loading techniques and components to load our ammo. We believe even training ammunition should be excellent ammunition. We take no shortcuts in producing accurate, consistent rounds. We are big enough to be reliable and efficient but small enough to be highly responsive to our customers. Because we are shooters too, we know, without a doubt, what you need in a range, training, or target round. On Target offers value to our customers in three fundamental ways.


Small Quantities at the Same Low Price

We inventory hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition that are ready to ship today. We allow our customers to order only the amount of ammo they need at any given time, whether it is one or 100 cases. This opens up a showroom or warehouse space for more efficient operations. By offering our customers one or 2-day delivery, they don’t need to forecast their needs weeks or even months in advance. This “just in time” approach to ordering ammo is one of On Target’s customers’ core advantages.





Most Orders are Shipped the Same Day

Less Money Tied Up in Inventory

Many distributors of ammo force you to commit to large quantities of ammunition to get the best price. You may have $20,000 or more tied up in ammo inventory, just sitting on your showroom or warehouse floor. At On Target, we encourage you to order frequently, in smaller quantities, which allows you to free up your cash flow.






On Target Ammo Pistol Ammo

Ammo Delivered as Quick as a Speeding Bullet

On Target’s Midwest location allows us to offer 1-2 day shipping to much of the United States.   Most orders are shipped the same day they are placed – whether it’s a few cases or a full pallet of ammunition.  We have special pricing with significant freight carriers to offer the quickest service at the lowest possible shipping rate.

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