On Target Ammunition is a family-owned, commercial ammunition manufacturer located in the Kansas City, Missouri area. On Target was founded by Bill Haley in 2007 and has grown from an idea into a thriving reality. We have a complete manufacturing platform with state-of-the-art machines and the capacity to load millions of rounds of ammo a month in a variety of pistol and rifle calibers. Competitive shooters, law enforcement, and recreational shooters around the country use our ammunition. Many shooting ranges in the Midwest use On Target Ammunition exclusively as their range and training ammunition.

Today, On Target Ammunition is one of the fastest-growing ammunition manufacturers in the Midwest, supplying both new and commercially remanufactured ammo as well as contract-loaded ammunition for customers who wish to create their brand of ammo.

Bill Haley, Owner of On Target Ammunition

Bill Haley, Owner

Bill knows how to load quality ammunition. He has been a competitive shooter for over 40 years and is a former National Benchrest Shooters Association (NBRSA) world record holder. Bill began loading his ammunition in 1976 and had been loading ammunition for competitive shooting since 1980 when he started the NBRSA bench rest shooting. He combined his experience of loading the highest quality ammunition with over 30 years of industrial manufacturing experience to create On Target Ammunition.

On Target Ammo Family

American Family Run Business Since 2009

On Target was started because of Bill’s passion for shooting. On Target has grown to include Bill’s wife and sons and several experienced manufacturing technicians.


remanufactured ammunition

Remanufactured Ammunition

On Target Ammunition loaded over 10 million rounds in 2015, loading ammunition in various calibers for handguns and rifles. On Target loads both new and remanufactured ammo. Remanufactured ammunition uses brass that has already been fired. The fired brass is commercially remanufactured, ensuring that it meets all Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturing Institute, Inc. (SAAMI) specifications before it is loaded. This offers cost savings without sacrificing any of the quality or reliability of new brass. The reduced cost and reuse of brass are the only differences between new and remanufactured ammunition. Remanufactured ammunition is used every day by competitive shooters, law enforcement, and recreational shooters all around the country.

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