Contract Loading

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Contract Loading with Customization

In addition to the On Target Ammunition brand, we offer both custom loads and contract loading. We offer our customers the benefit of using their established name or brand, so they aren’t strapped with the capital investment it takes to purchase loading equipment. Also, our On Target staff has developed a variety of unique loads for our customers’ many needs, whether it be for training, target, long-range, suppressed, or full-auto shooting.

Be assured, On Target Ammo can provide the perfect load for your intended use!

On Target Ammunition’s commitment to customer service within the firearms industry, is unmatched. Their professionalism and integrity is like no other. I value my relationship with On Target more than any other relationship, because of the values and principles that they embody each and every day.

Owner, P&G Performance Ammunition

Increase Your Sales and Bottom Line

A great round of ammunition, labeled with YOUR name – which your customers already recognize – can help contribute to your bottom line.  A great round can also help you retain your customer’s business for the long haul, as well as create new customers who already trust your other products. Offer your customers a great round of ammunition that will increase awareness of your brand and loyalty to your line of products.

I have shot most every caliber that Bill manufactures, and it meets or exceeds the accuracy that I need downrange, besides being safe and reliable.

– Doug Carden, Competitive Shooter

Take Advantage of Our Experience and Expertise

On Target inventories a wide range of modern firearms for testing. We use the most advanced components and measuring equipment to ensure that your load will serve its intended purpose in the best way possible. As an OEM, On Target has access to parts that are not available to retail consumers, which enables us to optimize your loads in ways that you cannot duplicate.

“Being a firearms manufacturer, we have found that the guns are only as good as ammunition you feed them.  Bill has been very helpful working with us in developing and proofing several different rifle caliber loads.  Their quality is exceptional, and responsiveness is second to none.” – K.L.